Hi! I’m Miranda House and I'm a panda an artist. I created Panduhmonium, a brand to unite the panda crazed.

I create for panda lovers around the world. Helping you release your inner panda with your own special piece of art that you can wear or decorate your home with.

If you're here you probably really like pandas or perhaps you know someone else who does. That's great cause I kinda like pandas too you see. ;)

Why pandas? Well for starters it's one of my nicknames...but regardless of that pandas are adorable, cute, and cuddly! Also, they spend lots of time eating which is awesome.

During my sophomore year of college in Feburary 2009 I started an Etsy shop. At first I sold polymer clay accessories that I made for fun (and because they began to pile up on my desk). I discovered during this time that it's a lot of fun to create a special piece of art for someone. I enjoy creating things for people (like you!) and then sending them out into the world to be enjoyed. It wasn't long before Diego, our cute glasses-wearing panda mascot, was born during the summer of '09 and he quickly took over the entire shop (Panduhmonium, get it? haha).

During college I had the opportunity to take an entrepreneurship class for artists and that sealed the deal. I went out using the knowledge from my class and registered Panduhmonium as an official business in January of 2011.

Being able to provide you with apparel to wear on your adventures and artwork to decorate your home with is the ultimate honor.

Panda lovers rejoice! You're home.