Diego is a happy go lucky panda that wears black glasses. His hobbies are playing video games, surfing the internet, and geeking out over new technology with Dahlia. He really enjoys new technology and is kinda a technophile. Dahlia is his best friend and he has a crush on Sophia.
Diego is Panduhmonium's "Nerdy Panda" and our very first design! He is Panduhmonium's logo and has gone through a total of 3 redesigns since Panduhmonium started in 2009.

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Dahlia is a sweet, but shy panda. Her hobbies include hanging around and talking about technology with her best friend Diego, gaming, and collecting games. She is a gamer and enjoys playing her Nintendo 3DS and Super Nintendo the most. Dahlia was introduced to Panduhmonium in Fall of 2010 over a year after Diego's debut.