Choose Any 3 Buttons


Pick any three buttons!

Buttons to choose from:
-First Row
● Nerdy Panda
● Nerdy Girl Panda
● Nerdy Panda Love
● Oh Hai Nerdy Panda
● Tartan Wellington

-Second Row
● Smile Panda
● Winston Panda
● Wellington Panda
● Bacon and Egg
● Cameo Panda

-Third Row
● Panda Link
● Panda Mario
● Panda Fries
● Panda Burger
● Gummy Bear

-Fourth Row
● Electric Cupcake Panda
● Maru
● Maru Hearts Bamboo
● Musician Panda
● Table Flip Panda

-Fifth Row
● Sweet Lolita
● Space Lolita
● Galaxy Panda

You can view all the buttons in the last picture.

Please tell me which 3 buttons you would like in the notes section during checkout or email me:!

The buttons are 1.25" inch and with a pinback so you can pin him wherever you like!